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Dental Implants in Marietta

All too often, people mistakenly believe that there is nothing they can do about missing teeth, other than get dentures, or simply live with the missing spaces. However, that's not the case, there are permanent ways to take care of spaces in the mouth that individuals should consider. For example, our Marietta dentists can provide patients who are missing teeth with dental implants to improve their smile. When people choose dental implants, they will be able to regain their confidence as if they still had their natural teeth. Implants, unlike dentures, are a permanent solution to tooth loss that can fix bites and leave people with a perfect smile.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth in place. These implants are available for people who have lost their teeth for any number of reasons from injury to periodontal disease. While dentures are a common option for replacing missing teeth, implants are a more permanent solution that can offer people the freedom to eat without worrying about disrupting their dentures.

Fixing missing teeth is about more than just appearance. When people have spaces in their mouths they increase their risk of losing bone density in their jaws and even develop a condition called temporomandibular disorder, which can cause headaches and pain in the jaw. Furthermore, food can end up in these spaces, which can increase the risk of gum disease and gingivitis.

Often, patients have to travel to multiple dental offices to see both an oral surgeon and a cosmetic dentist in order to get their implants. However, that won't be necessary when people come to see our Marietta dentists, because they are able to perform the whole procedure in one office. When a patient is at the office, a dentist will anchor titanium studs into his or her jawbone, where they will eventually fuse permanently to the jaw. While that is happening, a cosmetic dentist at the office will construct a fake tooth that will match the patient's real tooth perfectly, so no one will ever know it's not supposed to be there.

People don't have to suffer with missing teeth any longer. There's no need for anyone to hide their smile when our Marietta dentists can provide them with dental implants to regain their confidence.

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