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Tooth Crowns in Marietta

Have you endured some type of dental damage or want to improve the appearance of badly-shaped or discolored teeth? A tooth crown can correct all of these problems in a completely natural-looking way.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are small tooth-shaped coverings used to restore a damaged tooth or cover a dental implant. A tooth crown closely resembles a cap, which has earned them the nickname of tooth caps. Dentists use crowns to repair badly cracked, fractured, decayed, or damaged teeth that demand more than a filling to restore. They can also keep dental bridges attached, as well as make stained or poorly-shaped look more aesthetically-pleasing. Rest assured that our dentists are able to color and shape your dental caps to match your surrounding teeth to ensure they will go undetected.

Which Kinds of Dentists Provide Dental Crowns?

With crowns considered a routine dental procedure, most family and general dentists offer crowns for teeth. You can find crown placement options right near you at our dental office.

Please call us if you have a dental concern that could benefit from a crown.

Are Different Kinds of Dental Crowns Available?

Yes, but the two main types are permanent and temporary. A permanent cap is made especially for your smile in a dental lab. A temporary crown is pre-made and serves as a tooth protector until your permanent crown is produced.

Will a Ceramic Crown Fit Your Needs?

This really depends on your dental needs and personal preferences. In addition to ceramic being the ideal choice if you want a crown that can endure years of wear, ceramic is the best material if you need a front tooth crown because our dentists can most easily match the color to your natural teeth. But if you have a forceful bite, be aware that ceramic is also a more fragile crown material than both porcelain and a gold crown tooth.

When Are Porcelain Crowns a Better Option?

Porcelain caps have a metal base, which makes them much stronger than other crown choices. As a result, they are extremely durable and strong. Plus, the union of metal and porcelain improves the dental bond to protect you from leaks and the development of decay. A major downside of porcelain is its need for greater removal of dental structure than other with crown materials.

What Exactly Does the Dental Crown Procedure Entail?

Unless you need some sort of preparatory procedure, you can get a crown in just two office visits. Usually, the procedure follows these six simple steps:

  1. Our dentist will perform a dental examination to make sure your damaged tooth can support a full dental crown.
  2. If it can, the tooth will be filed and smoothed.
  3. Our dentist will take an impression for the dental lab to craft your permanent tooth cap.
  4. You will receive a temporary crown to wear for a couple of weeks while you await the production of your permanent crown.
  5. Our office will contact you when you’re crown is ready and schedule your appointment for placement.
  6. You will return to our office and our dentist will bond your crown comfortably in place.

Do All Crowns Cost the Same?

No, the cost of a crown is based on the type you choose to receive. But, at least a portion of the cost is frequently covered by dental discount plans and dental insurance providers. If you would like more information about the dental crown cost, please give us a call and speak to our helpful office staff.

How Can You Keep Your Crowns in Good Condition?

You need to treat your crowns as you would your natural teeth and practice healthy oral hygiene. By getting twice yearly cleanings and dental exams at our practice, along with brushing at least two times a day and flossing once daily, you can keep your crowns looking great and feeling strong for as much as 40 years.

It’s never too late to take care of your teeth. Call our office today to make an appointment with one of our dentists.

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